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"The important thing is to never stop questioning or learning."


Albert Einstein 

Welcome to Science at KINS.


Our aim is for our children to develop a love of science through engaging actively in scientific activities.  We are working towards children developing an understanding of the ways in which science has changed our daily lives and the impact scientific developments have on our day to day living.  With this in mind we are working hard with our children to build positive eco-aware attitudes towards our precious planet and develop our children's understanding of the ways in which we can all play our part.  We encourage and support our children to become increasingly responsible for their own learning, and to develop their understanding of how and when to apply the skills and concepts they have learnt through our weekly science lessons.


Our main planning resources for science are from Plymouth Science supplemented by other activities and materials where appropriate. Science in our school is taught mainly through a weekly lesson, although where possible we also identify opportunities to apply and develop scientific skills in other curriculum areas through our cross-curricular topic work. For example we use opportunities during PE to discuss our bodies and use scientific vocabulary when appropriate. 


We have recently introduced a weekly science assembly that is led by our children's curiosity.  We investigate and research a wide variety of topics such as 'how rainbows are made' and 'why is the sea salty?'. We also encourage our children to drive their own learning outside of school and we have a 'Science at Home' working wall where we celebrate this.  The children love to have their work displayed and they receive a 'Scientist of the Week' certificate in acknowledgement of their independent learning.  The introduction of an increasingly popular After School Science Club has allowed us to explore topics outside of the National Curriculum such as 'The Digestive System' and 'Our Major Organs'.  Please see the Science club page in the After School Clubs part of our website for further details.   


Please follow the links below to find out more about Science at KINS. 

British Science Week 2023 - Connections 


The theme for this year's British Science Week is 'Connections' and we have chosen to focus on the connections we have with our planet and the connections our planet has with us.  We have concentrated our activities on the connection between human actions and the impact we have on our precious planet.  We chose to follow Plymouth Science activities adapting where appropriate to meet our overall learning objectives.  Our learning in each year group has been centred around a big question. 

For example 'What would happen if there was no life under water?' or 'Why is there hunger when we can grow our own food?".

British Science Week 2022 - Growth 


Our topic for this year’s science week was ‘Growing for the Future’. We focussed our learning on important issues such as pollution in the oceans, climate change and plastic waste. We had lots of great activities planned which helped our children to build a positive eco-aware attitude towards the planet.  We will continue to build on this learning over the coming months to encourage and promote the long term sustainability of our planet. 

British Science Week Competition 2022


Following the theme of growth, sustainability and recycling we asked our children to think of different ways to reuse a plastic water bottle.  We ran a competition where children could bring their invention into school at the end of science week and the winner won a fabulous science kit for at home. 

British Science Week Competition Winners 2022