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Catch Up Premium

Catch Up Premium


Following the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent closure of schools, the government issued an amount of ‘Catch-Up’ funding to all schools to support with closing gaps in learning. The amount allocated is based on pupil numbers. At Killamarsh Infant and Nursery School we are receiving £8,240.


We have considered the age of our children when deciding how to allocate and spend our money. We have also used the government recommended, ‘COVID-19 Support Guide for Schools’ published by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to identify the best strategies, based on long term research, that will enable us to achieve the most positive outcomes.


How will Killamarsh Infant and Nursery School use the money?


This money will be used in order to:

  • Purchase curriculum resources and materials that support children to get “back on track”.
  • Develop children’s early language skills using the Nuffield Early Language Scheme delivered to identified reception children.
  • Pay the top up fee to access the subsidised national tutoring programme for children who are identified as needing “catch up” in their learning.
  • Fund additional support staff to develop the outcomes of children who have been identified as needing “catch up” in their learning.
  • Support the well-being needs of our children that have arisen as a result of the pandemic through additional nurture.


How will the effect of this plan on the educational attainment of the children at Killamarsh Infant and Nursery School be assessed? 


The materials and intervention programmes used to support the children in their learning provide the opportunity to assess the children's starting points and monitor the progress that they make. This will enable the school to monitor the progress made by each child. The Governing Body will ensure that the funding is spent in the best way possible to support our children. 


Catch Up Premium Action Plan

Further information on the Catch Up Premium can be found on the government website: