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Weekend Extras

Thank you once again for all your support, we understand this continues to be a very unusual time for everyone and we are sending warm wishes to you all. Here are a few ideas for the weekend, to use in any way you wish.



Y1: Easter words

egg, nest, tree, chick, flower, seed, hunt, bud, Easter, hatch


Y2: Easter words using the 's' and 'es' suffixes for verbs and plurals

bunnies, chocolates, lambs, bushes, butterflies, hatches, bonnets, collects, daffodils, baskets



Craft and outdoor fun:


Collect some leaves and twigs from the garden. Can you glue them or arrange them to make a nest? Now draw, decorate and cut out some Easter eggs  to put in your nest. You might like to make a bird.

Look at the pictures for ideas.