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Week 2 (30th March 2020)

Extra Bits:


Class Dojo


Dear Woodpecker parents and carers,

Firstly thank you for your amazing work at home so far, you are all doing an incredible job. In order for us to continue to support your home learning during this difficult time, we would like you to sign up to our class dojo. We use this in class and the children are familiar with their individual monsters. We would like to use this free platform as a way of communicating individually and as a group so that we can support you more. This will allow you to message us and ask us anything, or simply share what you have been doing.

Once you have received your individual message, then please follow the instructions before and add in your child’s unique individual code. If you then have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to email me at:

Thank you in advance.

Mrs Bainbridge and Mrs Skingle

Felix Fun


Hi Woodpeckers,

Well done for not spilling the beans. Mrs Bainbridge has no idea what I’ve been up to...hehehe. She’s so busy setting work for you with Mrs Skingle, they need to relax a little.
Well since I spoke to you last I have been trying some new things to help me relax, one being that I had a lovely spa day. But I found it very hard to relax because the cucumber smelt so yummy. I definitely didn’t eat them afterwards (I did hehehe). Then I played scrabble with Mrs Bainbridge and I beat her, she really should be better than me surely! Anyway Mrs Bainbridge handled it very maturely and she was not bitter at all as you can see in the picture.
I had a yummy tuna sandwich and a nice cup of tea. Then finally I have found Mrs Bainbridge’s stairs so steep, up and down, up and down, my little paws were getting so tired. So I crawl up and when no one is looking I slide down the rail (do not try this at home though, this one was very cheeky). Oh I almost forgot, I have made friends with Mrs Bainbridge’s puppy, although she keeps licking her lips when she sees me, must be a dog thing.
I hope you are all continuing to stay safe. I overheard Mrs Bainbridge on the phone to Mrs Skingle and they said they were very proud of you and your grown ups and that you were all doing a great job.
Ooh I need to go, Mrs Bainbridge is coming. Speak soon.

Love and stay safe.

Felix 🐾

A rainbow message from Luca 


Hello Skylarks,


I love rainbows and Mrs Beck has been teaching me about all the colours and how to mix them, I can now make orange, green and purple. When we went for a walk we saw lots of rainbows in the windows of the houses and she told me there are some on the railings outside school! I saw some pictures on 'The Wise Owls' part of the website. So of course I wanted to paint my own rainbow! Look at the pictures, I look like a real artist ...I borrowed Mrs Beck's daughter's proper painting easel when she was still in bed!

I have put my rainbow in the window and I am going to clap my paws this evening for all of the NHS workers; that's doctors, nurses, carers and all of the people who are looking after us.


Still missing you and clapping my paws for you too because together we can all help each other. Keep active like me... oh I must tell you I'm really excited because I am getting my orange belt next week! I'll ask Mrs Beck to take a photo of me wearing it.


Bye for now.

Love Luca x