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wk beg: 21.09.2020



This week we are continuing our work based around the story 'The Three Little Pigs'. Here are some activities you may like to try at home.


Plan an alternative story using different animals eg 'The Three Little Cats and the Big Bad Dog'.

Write the alternative story using the original story pattern.

Choose some different materials for the three houses.

Write some speech for the characters eg "I'll bark and I'll howl and I'll woof your house down!", "No, no not by the whiskers on my little face".

Make a wanted poster for your big, bad character using descriptive words.

Design a book cover for your new story.


Maths: Place value - numbers to 100


We will continue looking at the value of each digit in any 2 digit number. Try these activities below.


Choose 4 digits eg 2, 8, 4, 7. How many 2 digit numbers can you make using these digits only?

Put the numbers you made in order from smallest to largest.

Which is the largest even number? odd number?

Which is the smallest even number? odd number?

Which number is closest to 50? 100?

Practice using the signs < > = to compare the numbers you made.