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Week beg 04.01.2021





Write a set of instructions for building a snowman.




Y1: Addition and subtraction. Adding and subtracting two digit numbers to a one digit number. Totalling up to 30. e.g. 12+7=?


Y2: Addition and subtraction. Adding and subtracting a one digit number to/from a two digit number and adding and subtracting 2 two digit numbers. Remember to use place value/tens and ones. or your own number line to count on and back. e.g. 24+42=?     72-13=?    23+9=?    44-8=?






Command Sentences: These sentences tell you to do something and are usually quite short. They usually start with a bossy verb (imperative verb) eg Go and get your coat. Be kind. 

Make a list of bossy verbs.

Use these in some command sentences or rules for your house.



Y1: Fill the empty boxes to complete addition calculations to 20 eg 10 + ? = 15


Y2: As above to 50 eg 23 + ? = 34





Practise your handwriting by copying a list of commands, this could be a recipe or other instructions.



Y1: Fill the empty boxes to complete the subtraction calculations to 20.


Y2: a/a to 50

Other Activities


Topic: Find out about our capital city of London. What famous landmarks are there?


Spellings Y1: words relating to London

church, river, clock, king, queen, Big Ben, red bus, park


Spellings Y2: names of places using capital letters

London, Buckingham Palace, River Thames, The Tower of London, London Eye, The Shard, Brick Lane, St Pauls Cathedral, Big Ben



Don't forget your daily workout with Joe Wicks or daily walk with your family!