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Week 1 - Gravity Defying Water

Gravity Defying Water 

This week we have learnt all about gravity and the scientist who discovered gravity - Sir Isaac Newton.  

We experimented with keeping water in a glass when we turn it upside down.  We put water in a glass and then we made lots of predictions about what would happen to the water.  We discussed lots of questions about our experiment.  What is keeping the water inside the glass?  What happens if we tip the glass?  Does it work better with more or less water?


We learnt that another invisible force is keeping the water inside the glass.  A force called 'atmospheric pressure' is pushing up against the cardboard and keeping the water in place. 


We then went outside to see if we could manage to defy gravity!!!  The children all persevered and some of them actually managed it!!  But best of all was the laughter, the squealing when we were successful and the soggy clothes!!!!