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Today we started to read a story called 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish'. We listened to half of the story and then collected two sets of words; one set to describe a lovely clean part of the world with birds and trees, and one set to describe the horrible dirty part of the world with smoke and rubbish. Then we wrote some descriptive sentences to match the pictures. The story stopped just as the dinosaurs woke up and saw what has happened to the world and we are going to finish it and find out what happens next week. We all had a turn to read today and some of us completed a comprehension activity about the T Rex dinosaur. Next we played a maths game called 'Round the World' using number bonds to 10 and 20 and then we used these to work out change at the farm shop.

In the afternoon we all made a model of a pterodactyl using a peg and card for the wings. We loved playing with them afterwards. We then finished a busy day with an outdoor activity finding textures and making rubbings using paper and wax crayons. We found some lovely patterns on walls and grates. Take look below!