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The 'Wise Owls' continued the 'Owl' theme from last week because we had lots more owl activities and learning to complete. So we started the day with a recap of our story 'Owl babies' and looked at how the mother owl looked so different to the babies. This led us to finding out about the life cycle of a barn owl and then everyone completed a science activity with pictures and sentences to stick in the correct order. In addition we all made a fact file about barn owls. We wrote sentences or ordered sentences in our writing books. Look at the lovely writing, there were definitely lots of 'Wise Owls' at school today!

Maths was lots of fun again; the Y1s completed a number sequencing activity and everyone wanted to play the owl dice games again! Lots of adding, sharing and taking turns!

After lunch we made some collage owls and painted feathers using brown and white paint to make different tints. We are hoping to use these to make a big owl together next week. Finally we each made a flying owl using card and a paper clip. We had to cut it out carefully and fold it correctly to make the right shape. We then tested them in the playground to see which ones flew the best or furthest. We had lots of fun and fresh air!