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Today's book was 'The scarecrows wedding'. After listening to the story, the KS1 children answered some comprehension questions and the EYFS children chose a picture of a scarecrow and wrote its name. Then we did a wordsearch and a colouring sheet. Then it was time for move it. We used go noodle this week and the children picked some of the dances we did. After snack and playtime, it was time for maths. We looked at the days of the week. We sang the days of the week song and then made a spinner to help with our work. The KS1 children had questions using today, tomorrow and yesterday. Some of them were quite tricky. The EYFS children put the days of the week in order. In the afternoon we used our imagination to make a scarecrow. There were some interesting ideas! After that we had a play outside with some PE equipment. We finished the day with a rest and a story.