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 We had a great day. We started with a bit of Joe Wicks. This helped us to have a clear and healthy mind for the day. Then we wrote some sentences about Spring following our great daffodil day. The children have all really impressed us with their writing! We then enjoyed a special chocolate eclair for snack time. We then did some addition and a bit of sewing. Some of us had never done sewing before and loved it by the end. 
After dinner we coloured in some colouring pages, we are going to do these over the next week or so and post them to the new nhs hospital in order to make others smile. Then we made chocolate mousse from scratch. We are going to be baking experts! We then did some phonics on the computers whilst they set. Giving us just enough time for some individual reading a quick story before home time. What a busy day!  ​​​​​​​