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Summer Term Week 5 (18th May 2020)

A blue message from Luca the Leopard

Hello Skylarks


I hope you're having a good week. This week I have been exercising and practicing my sports a lot. My friend Sloth who also lives with Mrs Beck, is very good at gymnastics and he has been helping me get stronger arms and legs. He is much better than I am at holding on and hanging because his arms and legs are longer. Anyway I tried my best using my little paws, didn't give up and... I got my blue belt!!! I'm very excited because I only have 2 more belts to go! I really like the blue belt because it matches the lovely blue sky this week.

I have also been learning some new things this week. Mrs Beck taught me how to play Draughts and I have played it with my friend Sloth. Do you know how to play? Then I found out how to make a tote bag out of an old t-shirt. Sloth thought it was a sleeping bag and got inside! Have a look at the photos and if you want to make one Mrs Beck says the instructions are on the website for half term activities. It's called recycling and reusing which I know is a very good thing to do!


Mrs Beck and I and Sloth hope you are all well. By the way thank you to everyone who helped me with my punctuation last week, you're so helpful and clever. I might have to ask you again some time!

Bye for now

Love Luca