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Sneeze Experiment

We conducted an experiment in nursery to help us understand how far a sneeze can travel if we don't catch and how this leads to germs spreading. We rolled out a long piece of wallpaper and made a prediction about how far a sneeze could travel from the start of the wallpaper. To record these predictions we drew our face on a post-it note and placed on the wallpaper in the position we thought the sneeze would get to. Next, we replicated a sneeze using a spray bottle and green paint. This showed us that the sneeze travelled all the way to the other end of the paper! We thought about how we could stop the sneeze from spreading as far and decided a tissue was the best way. We repeated the experiment but this time we held a tissue in front of the spray bottle. The tissue caught the sneeze and stopped it from travelling! We then reminded ourselves of the 'catch it, bin it, kill it' motto and threw the tissue in the bin, but when we looked at our hands we noticed the germs had spread to there. So the next thing we did was remember our hand washing song and reminded ourselves it has to be sung twice to be sure to kill the germs.