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Science Week

This week during Science Week we have asked Dr Clint lots of science questions. We enjoyed watching our video to find out what the answers were. We took part in a virtual science workshop. We also did lots of experiments in class. We made a pattern with skittles and then added warm water to see what would happen. We were amazed to see a rainbow appear. We then predicted what would happen if we used cold water. We saw that the rainbow still appeared but it took longer.
We talked about where Polar Bears live. We know that they live in a very cold place so we discussed how we thought they kept themselves warm. We did an experiment to find out. Some children thought that the fur kept it warm but when we put on a woolly glove and put out hands in water they were still cold. We talked about the Polar Bears having a layer of fat. We used 2 food bags, one with a layer of fat and one without. We noticed that when we put our hand in the one with they layer of fat we were warmer when we dipped it in cold water than the one without.

Scientist of the Week

During the week we were looking for someone who took great interest in the experiments, asked great questions and made some good predictions to be our Scientist of the Week. 


Robin Class Scientist of the Week was Austen!!! Well done Austen!!!