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Phonics Screening Check June 2019 Support

Phonics Screening Check June 2019

If your child is in Year 1, they will be undertaking The Phonics Screening Check during the week beginning 10th June 2019. The check will be carried out under test conditions and on a one to one basis. However it will be ensured that your child will feel comfortable in order to achieve their best score.

It is crucial that your child attends school every day from the week beginning the 10th June 2019 so that their teacher can carry out this task with your child. If for any reason your child is absent the test can be carried out in a second week but the check must be carried out by Friday 21st June 2019. If your child doesn't carry it out in during these dates then they will have to do the check in Year 2.


If you would like to support your child further at home or know more about the check, please follow the link below. You can access past test materials and there is a fantastic video that you can watch. The video outlines suitable answers that your child's class teacher can and cannot accept during the check.


Thank you for all of your support. If you have any questions regarding the check please speak to your child's class teacher.

Year 1 phonics screening check training video

This video is for teachers undertaking the year 1 phonics screening check. Teachers should watch this after they have read the Check administrators' guide which includes a section on how to score the check. The video exemplifies issues that could arise in the check. Each check should be relatively simple to score.