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National Storytelling Week 2022

 Welcome to National Storytelling Week in Woodpeckers! 

 We had a very exciting adventure to start this week off with a letter from Bob (The Man on the Moon) asking us to help him with his adventure. He works on the moon and had forgotten to pack all of his things that he needed for work. We went on a hunt around school to find his rocket... can you believe it, we found it in breakfast/after school club! Then we read the story and had a go inside the rocket looking at the stars and moon using a special light! Please ask us all about it, we can't wait to tell you! 

 As part of National Storytelling Week, we chose our favourite stories from home to bring into school. We used these in our English lesson as we wrote sentences about our books using 'and' and 'because'. Please have a look at our photos to see which books we chose. 

 Today, as it is Chinese New Year, we finished the day with a story based around Chinese New Year. It was called 'Dragons in the City'.

 A visit to our school library...