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Maths Week

Maths Week 2021

This week have been Maths week. We have all been taking part in different maths activities throughout the week at different levels.


Framing Rectangles


We have been looking for squares and rectangles within our environment to make sure that the Shape Catcher doesn't take them. We have also been making shapes using lolly sticks. 

Number Train


Today we have been making number trains. We rolled dice and counted that number of Numicon pieces or people to make a train. We then worked out how many there would be if there was one more or one less.

3 Blocks


Today we used 3 blocks to make a pattern. We challenged ourselves to use the same 3 colours as our friend but make a different pattern.

Mathematical Art


Today we made looked at art by Wassily Kadinsky and how lots of shapes were used in his pictures. We then made pictures and portraits using shapes.

Emoji Graph


Today we looked at graphs in Maths. We chose our favourite Emoji and put them in the correct place on the graph. We counted each column and talked about which had the most and which had the least.