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Making Music in Woodpeckers

In Music, we have been learning about the names of different instruments, the pulse and pitch of music and how sounds can come together to make a piece of music. We have had so much fun learning how to play and look after the instruments. We used different instruments and sounds to create our own piece of music as a class. Please listen to Woodpecker's music video! 

Woodpecker children exploring a range of musical instruments...

Still image for this video

The children then started to name the instruments, categorize them and discuss when they might be used and what sound they make. They passed the instruments around the circle and everyone got to have a go with the different instruments. The children really enjoyed this music lesson and developed their knowledge and understanding around Music! 

After that, the children were thinking about rhythm! Mrs Clifford gave the children a rhythm to follow and the children had a go at following the rhythm given to them whilst playing the variety of musical instruments. As you can see from the video below, all the children had smiles on their faces and loved every single minute! Well done Woodpeckers! 

Our music from today ...

Still image for this video