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Helping your child at home

Encouraging Geography at Home

You can develop and promote the child Geographer within your own home. Here are some easy activities you can encourage your child to do:


  • Have globes and maps to refer to at home. If you hear a news story, want to find out about a football team, movie star or place in a story find it on your map or globe.
  • Try out new foods from around the world - find out where that food is from on your map/globe. 
  • Re-design your bedroom, draw a map of your room and where you would like to move your furniture to.
  • Can you follow the SAT NAV or a map when you go on a trip? Can you identify which way you are going North, South, East, West, South-West?
  • Use maps and keep maps from days out. Is the map easy to use? Could you make your own map of the area?

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