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Forest School

This week we have played a pairs game. We had to listen to each other and take turns to say numbers and do actions. Then we went on an Easter Egg hunt around the field and made nests with them. We did a little more digging and looked at the seeds we planted last week. Some of them have started to shoot. Then it started to rain so we hid in the greenhouse before coming inside.
This week we played Honey Bear. We had to listen carefully to find who had the bells. We made natural superhero bands using leaves and sticks for Red Nose Day. After that we dig out all of our planting area and put the waste in our compost bin. We planted new seeds which we will eventually put in our plot. We can't wait to watch them grow. 
This week we went on a Bear Hunt. A bear left a letter by our fire circle and sent us on a hunt to find bears around our outdoor area. We found polar bears, panda bears, brown bears and lots more. We played a game of 1, 2, 3 where are you to see if we could hide as well as the bears. In small groups we then used the bears to make caves for them using natural resources.