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Forest Friday

This week in 'Forest Friday' we made some natural portraits. We found items around the field for our facial features such as our eyes, mouth, nose and hair. We them made a mud pat on the wall for our face and added the items to it. After that we made some bubbles. 
We really enjoyed our second session on the field. We hunted to find things that were green, brown, red and yellow. We talked about how the leaves change colour and drop off of deciduous trees but that they stay green when a tree is an evergreen. We then created some lovely natural mobiles and played 1, 2, 3 where are you.
During our first 'Forest Friday' session we spent some time sat around the fire circle playing games. We then went of a scavenger hunt where we searched for different items around the field. We found a feather, a spider web, a butterfly, spiky leaves, smooth leaves, red flowers, berries and lots more. We then created our own natural weave with some of the things that we had found.