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Forest Friday

This week we have used sticks and wool to make mini pirate ships. We tested them in water to see if they would float. Some of use added stones, leaves and sticks onto them. We then played a pirate game. We had to walk the plank, scrub the deck, climb the rigging, fire the cannon and salute the captain. We also picked some beetroot from our allotment to sell.

This week we used natural materials to make our own pirate island. Some of us added a volcano, palm trees and an 'x marks the spot' for the treasure. We also check on out vegetables in the allotment and noticed that we have a pea growing, lots of beetroot and we also saw some tiny apples on the apple tree.

This week we played castle, castle, knight. We then used sticks to make some knights swords and made princess head garlands using daisies. After that we had a look at our fruits and vegetables in the allotment and picked some strawberries that were ready to eat for our snack. They were yummy! We then had a game of stuck in the mud.

This week we have been learning about Princesses and Knights. We used natural materials to make a castle for the princess. Some children wanted to put a princess in their castle so we used sticks and secured them together with wool. Some children made a Knights sword.