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Forest Friday

Pirate Island's and Treasure Maps


This week we found a treasure map on the field. We followed the map and found a treasure chest brimming with treasure. We decided to hide our own treasure and create a map for our pirate friend to use so that they could find the treasure. We also use skipping ropes and natural items to map out a treasure island. We added trees, volcanoes and even swamps.

Pirate Ships/Floating and Sinking


We have enjoyed playing some pirate games. We played a pirate version of 'Duck, Duck, Goose' and we also played a treasure collecting game. We even tried to take treasure from other pirate crews. Then we thought about a pirate ship and what it needed to do. We collected sticks and used wool to attach them together, by weaving, to create a ship. We then tested them to see if they floated. Some of us even added a sail and used the power of wind to move our ships across the water.