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We have taken part in a cricket session for each week of the term and have really enjoyed learning new skills.

On the first week we practice throwing a ball up and catching it. We tried this whilst walking and even hopping. Then we had a go at throwing our ball to a friend and catching it back. We have to make sure we were looking at the ball. We were then introduced to the wickets. We had to run to the centre hoop, collect a ball and bring it back to our wicket. The team with the most balls won!

This week we were learning to bowl. First we practiced throwing the ball to our friend, retrieving it and then returning it. After that we had a go at throwing over arm instead of underarm. Then we all stood in the 'star' position and turned sideways to our partner, having a go at throwing overarm in that position. Some of us were really good so we then had a go at throwing the call towards the wicket. After a practice to scored points. Everytime we hit it we were able to put a cone on. Finally we had a mini game. Sone of us were batters and come were fielders.

This week we practiced all of our skills with a carousel of activities. We practised our throwing, catching, bowling and batting. We then had a mini game of cricket with some of us fielding and some batting.