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Week 1 (23rd March 2020)

Extra Bits:



Hi, hope you are all keeping safe? As we know you all love reading, we have created a log on for oxford owl. Go to and click on the class log in at the top of the page. The username is kinswoodpeckers and the password is class. This then has access to reading scheme books linked to an age group. As with all websites please make sure you watch what your child is doing. The website have been having a few issues due to the number of people using it but keep trying if this happens. If you don’t have access to the internet don’t worry. Any book, paper, comic is beneficial to your child. Let them read anything, even labels on food. Have fun reading.

Felix Fun


Dear Woodpeckers,

I am missing you all lots and lots. I’ve come home with Mrs Bainbridge and I am self isolating from all of my friends. However I am doing lots of things to keep busy. I did a spot of sun bathing to top of my tan, my fur was looking a little pale. I’ve been watering Mrs Bainbridge’s plants, would you believe it that she forgets sometimes! I even snook some of her fizzy pop when she was doing some work. Oh and I’ve been catching up on The Christmasauraus, that Hunter is not a very nice man if you ask me!
I hope you are all staying safe. I’ll speak to you all soon. Don’t tell Mrs Bainbridge I snook on here, she told me not to go on her laptop.

Lots of furry hugs to you and your families and remember, keep washing those paws...I mean hands.

Love Felix 🐾



Hello Skylarks,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been 'Home Learning' at Mrs Beck's house this week. Gosh, she makes me work hard!
Together we looked at the school website and I have completed some of the activities, I especially liked learning to tell the time.
Each day, we have some exercise in the garden and I am getting better at sports. I will let you know if I move from yellow belt to orange, I think it might be quite soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
I miss you all but am trying to keep busy and active.

Bye for now and love to you and your family,
from Luca x